Microsoft and Windows on GCP Demo Center

If you’re looking to migrate and modernize your Microsoft and Windows workloads, Google Cloud is your premiere destination. No matter what migration strategy you’ve selected or what value you’re looking to achieve, you’ll see that with Google Cloud you’re able to:

  • simplify your migration and modernization journey
  • reduce your on-prem footprint and increase agility
  • optimize license usage to reduce costs
  • modernize to reduce single-vendor dependencies
  • rely on enterprise-class support backed by Microsoft

But we don’t want you to just take our word for it, we want you to try it out yourself without any commitment or friction. With this brand new demo center, you’ll use hands-on guided simulations to walk you through several scenarios for solving business critical challenges with Google Cloud’s Microsoft and Windows solutions. Because these are all simulated, you’ll see how it all works without any deployment, configuration, or commitment. It’s a seamless way for you to see exactly how Google Cloud can help you. Select “Open” in any of the scenarios below to get started!

Simulated Demos
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